Customs Links for Front Page >> Featured Pages

After trying for some time to add custom links to “Home Feature Page one” and being unable to do so, I could find a solution to trick the Customizr Theme into creating “Featured Pages” for the Front Page.  Broken down in a few steps this is what we need to do:


Step 1

Activate the Customizer Child Theme  to easily set up a child theme for Customizr or create a child theme manually.  Now, in the functions.php  file, add this snippet of code (ref).




Step 2

Now, create “dummy pages” for each Featured Page.  I am calling them “dummy” because they themselves will not contain any content in them.  However, the title should be something which you want as the heading for the featured page since the title will appear on the front page.  Get the postId for this page.

YouTube Video for finding the postId for a page


Step 3

Finally, add the post ID  and its corresponding link  in the code snippet you pasted in the functions.php  file.


[fa class=”fa-flag”]  You should now have custom links in Featured Page section of the Front Page.


WordPress support on this

Customizer Child Theme

Code Snippet